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Destin High School, Inc. submits application to OCSD

January 31st was a momentous day for the members of Destin High School, Inc. Following endorsement by the City Council in June 2016, the executive board submitted the official application for the school to the school district. The board has spent the past years collecting data, developing an overall vision and mission, and hiring nationally-recognized consultants to prepare the application and budget. They have also received a letter of intent for the financing of the land/building. Possible locations have been pinpointed and are being analyzed by the financier who will reach out to property owners and make a final recommendation.

The high school would be the first in Destin and solve many problems faced by Destin students who must attend Fort Walton or Niceville. The increasing population and enrollment at all local schools has also served as an impetus, showing that Destin does indeed have enough students for its own high school. Upon approval, the school could open its doors as soon as August 2020.

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