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Prebble Q Ramswell is a wife, mother and community volunteer who is the Academic Director of History, Philosophy, and Political Science at Columbia Southern University and graduate adjunct faculty in the Intelligence Security and Intelligence Studies Program at Bellevue University. She also worked as a co-lead instructor for the Destin Fire Rescue Foundation's Junior Lifeguard program and a substitute teacher for Okaloosa County School District.


Prebble's background is almost as diverse as her interests. She spent six years working in Counterterrorism for the Central Intelligence Agency, worked in radio, television and film, and was ranked in the top 5-8% of swimming coaches with multiple swimmers qualifying/competing at the Olympic Games and Olympic Trials. 


Prebble enjoys research, analysis, and writing. She has published three books and numerous articles in the fields of political science, security, and sociology. Her first book, Euroscepticism and the Rising Threat from the Left and Right: The Concept of Millennial Fascism, was released in 2017. A second book, and the first in the "Division, Derision, Decisions" series, is called The Domino Effect of Brexit and Populism’s Intersection of Rights and Wrongs and was released in February 2018. In June 21, the second book in the series was released and is called The Rise of Domestic Terrorism and Decline of American Democracy: How Brexit and the Trump Presidency Influenced Populist Empowerment and the Intersection of Rights. Visit for information on these books or to purchase.


Prebble's husband, Anthony, is retired British Special Forces and British/US Government. Their have one child, Briar, a Worlds-level cheerleader and student at Destin High School. 

  • Mayor Pro-Tem, Destin City Council; 2016-2018; 2018-2020

  • Councilwoman, Destin City Council; elected March 2014; reelected March 2018

  • Florida League of Cities Policy Committees, 2014-

  • Central Intelligence Agency; 2003-2009

  • Local and state-level experience in Texas as a City of Round Rock task force member and a lobbyist aide in Austin; 1990s

  • Florida Senate Committee Florida is For Veterans, Inc (dba Veterans Florida) Board of Directors 2014-present; Secretary 2017-

  • Growth Management and Economic Affairs Legislative Committee, Florida League of Cities - Chair

  • International Relations Committee, Florida League of Cities

  • Okaloosa-Walton Transportation Planning Organization - Primary Appointee

  • YMCA Board - Primary Appointee (2014)

  • Okaloosa County Economic Development Council Policy Board - Alternate Appointee

  • Northwest Florida League of Cities - Alternate Appointee

  • Emerald Coast Fitness Foundation

CIVIC TRAINING (includes):
  • Economic Development; April ‘15

  • Living Leadership; Sept. ‘14

  • Taxes and Revenues for Municipal Governments; Oct. ‘14

  • Intergovernmental Relations in Florida; Oct. ‘14

  • Budgeting/Accounting for Florida’s Cities; Oct ‘14

  • Structure and Function of Cities in Florida; Oct. ‘14

  • Florida Ethics Law; Annually

  • Florida’s Open Government Laws; Oct. ‘14

  • Successful Citizen Advisory Boards/Committees; Aug ‘14


  • PhD, Political Science/International Development, University of Southern Mississippi

  • MLA, Liberal Arts/Social Science, Texas Christian University

  • Certificate, Human Trafficking Investigation, Human Trafficking Investigations and Training Institute (HTITI) and Columbia Southern

  • BA, Psychology and Sociology, University of Houston

  • BA, Political Science, University of Houston




Home Rule Hero- Florida League of Cities, Recipient of multiple awards including Highest Academic Honors from the Chickasaw Nation, Outstanding New Member (the Beacon Award) from the Junior League of Northern Virginia, recipient of the Rotary Club of Houston (Galleria area) Academic Scholarship, and the Sewanee University Award for Excellence


Multiple leadership positions including serving on the Board of Directors for organizations in Texas, Virginia and Florida including the Junior League of Northern Virginia, Junior League of the Emerald Coast, Montessori Learning Center in Fort Walton Beach, Gulf Swimming (Houston), and the Children's Museum of Northern Virginia



Destin Dolphin Cheer, Rotary Club of Destin, Volunteer/fundraiser for Coastal Clean-up, Junior League, Senior Olympics, Special Olympics, St. Jude, the Children’s Miracle Network, the American Brain Tumor Association, and Habitat for Humanity; Life Loyal Alum of Delta Delta Delta

Positive Change By and For the People
Florida's Future Begins With Us!
Determination, passion, and integrity
Prebble may be diverse but jumping into politics was new territory when she kicked off her campaign on January 1, 2014. She is just like most of us here in Destin: the neighbor outside hanging Christmas lights, another parent in the carpool lane, the hands-on employee, your child's coach. She has shared in the hardships that affected all of us, such as the effects of the oil spill, drainage issues, traffic, and beach erosion.
She sees first-hand the issues that need addressing on the beach, in our neighborhoods, and on our streets. She is constantly out and about, talking with locals, tourists and state legislators on a continual basis. In 2016, she was awarded the Home Rule Hero award from the Florida League of Cities due to her lobbying efforts.  She is not only a part of the community, but one who feels the pulse of it and actively works to find solutions that make sense.
She is also deeply invested in the community, working with our children, volunteering hundreds of hours to help those in need, served on the Board of Directors of the Junior League of the Emerald Coast and the Montessori Learning Center of Fort Walton Beach, fundraising for various foundations, and, of course, raising her daughter who will grow up privileged to call Destin home.
Prebble doesn't shy away from difficult subjects or sensitive issues.  She isn't afraid to tackle the issues head-on. The idea that something is impossible or especially difficult doesn't serve as a deterrent for Prebble- rather it serves as motivation to work harder to get the job done. Anyone who followed her work during her 1st term on city council knows she is persistent, dedicated, and determined. She continues that determination into her second term.
Prebble is committed to serving our community.  One of the first things she did upon election in 2014 was begin a monthly newsletter to open the lines of communication between the city and its residents.  She encourages feedback and makes it a point to answer every email she receives.  She recognizes that her job is to serve the people of Destin, and that one resident's call or email is no more or less important than anyone else's. 
We all seek the best for Destin and our area as a whole, and achieving success requires all of us to work together. Prebble is a Destinite who wants OUR best interests to not only be heard but recognized and realized. Her record speaks for itself.
  • Founded and Served as President of Destin High School, Inc, which established the first high school in Destin

  • Identified inequities in the TDC's redistribution of funds in Destin and continues to lobby for a fair share (2014-)

  • Worked with Captain George Eller on behalf of our fishing families and sent a letter supporting their needs and liveliood to DCBA (2014)

  • Within first 60 days of office focused on inadequate raking and cleaning of beaches (2014-)

  • In 2016, successfully worked for the TDC's funding of maintenance for the City's public beach parks and capital improvements with approximately $420,000 funds being allocated for that purpose

  • Continually advocates on behalf of Destin Fire Rescue and the Okalooosa County Sheriff's Office (2014-)

  • Proposed legislation for safety requirements on taxis and vehicles for hire; county ultimately passed related legislation (2014-2015)

  • Worked with concerned citizens to address the HDR zoning of Parcel B, a now privately owned lot off the Pass that was zoned conservation, subject to Corp of Engineers easements, and was represented to surrounding owners as perpetually no-build (2014-)

  • Vocal opponent of open containers on pathway by Destin Middle School (2015)

  • Advocate for return of Commuter Rail in Okaloosa County (2016)

  • Advocated for safer conditions on Crab Island and pushed for a safety corridor which was ultimately mplemented in 2016 (2015-2016)

  • Worked with Rep. Matt Gaetz to lobby for a statute change allowing an additional 10% in TDC funds for public safety; identified need for the 10% to not include current expenditures which resulted in "shall not supplant" language being added to the bill (2016)

  • Spearheaded the Destin High School Project Advisory Committee (2016)

  • Brought problem of short-term rentals to the forefront 2014; legislation drafted to target parking and green space in 2016; improved registration in 2016; special signage and trash service in 2017; currently addressing occupancy and parking

  • Vocal supporter of keeping the former YMCA pool a swimming facility (2016-2017)

  • Identified loopholes and inconsistencies in the comprehensive plan; also argued that the wishes of the community had not been integrated into the revised plan presented by hired firm (2016)

  • Advocate for improved landscaping and grounds around city, particularly along Main Street and Airport, supported working wth Trees Destin and the Main Street Alliance to reach these goals (2016-)

  • Worked with state lawmakers to lobby for state funds to help pay for stormwater issues in Destin (2016)

  • Due to the continued inequity in TDC fund redistribution proposed potentially seceding from Okaloosa County (2017)

  • Vocal opponent of county's considered $52 worker tax (2017)

  • Proposed legislation establishing locations/zoning for medical marijuana dispensaries (2017)

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