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Home Rule Hero- Florida League of Cities, Recipient of multiple awards including Highest Academic Honors from the Chickasaw Nation, Outstanding New Member (the Beacon Award) from the Junior League of Northern Virginia, recipient of the Rotary Club of Houston (Galleria area) Academic Scholarship, and the Sewanee University Award for Excellence


Multiple leadership positions including serving on the Board of Directors for organizations in Texas, Virginia and Florida including the Junior League of Northern Virginia, Junior League of the Emerald Coast, Montessori Learning Center in Fort Walton Beach, Gulf Swimming (Houston), and the Children's Museum of Northern Virginia



Destin Dolphin Cheer, Rotary Club of Destin, Volunteer/fundraiser for Coastal Clean-up, Junior League, Senior Olympics, Special Olympics, St. Jude, the Children’s Miracle Network, the American Brain Tumor Association, and Habitat for Humanity; Life Loyal Alum of Delta Delta Delta

From idea to inception
Ramswell believes in action. She leads by example and is the first one to step up and get involved. Upon moving to Destin, she immediately identified the absence of a high school and the need to establish one in the area. One of her first projects once assuming elected office was seeking the city council's approval to begin an exploratory committee to determine whether opening a high school was warranted. In 2016, the Destin High School exploratory was formed; five years later, the first high school in Destin opened its doors. Ramswell served as the founding president from 2016-2021 and became a board member emeritus in 2022.
Ramswell is deeply vested in the community, working with children, volunteering hundreds of hours to help those in need, and serving on the Board of Directors of the Junior League of the Emerald Coast and the Montessori Learning Center of Fort Walton Beach. She also was a proud member of the Destin Rotary Club.
Prebble doesn't shy away from difficult subjects or sensitive issues.  She isn't afraid to tackle issues head-on. The idea that something is impossible or especially difficult doesn't serve as a deterrent for Prebble- rather it serves as motivation to work harder to get the job done. Anyone who followed her work knows she is persistent, dedicated, and determined and stands up for the community. 

  • Establishment and opening of Destin's first high school (2016-2021)

  • Identified inequities in the TDC's redistribution of funds in Destin and lobbied for a fair share resulting in $420k coming to Destin (2014-2016)

  • Worked with Captain George Eller on behalf of our fishing families and sent a letter supporting their needs and livelihood to DCBA (2014)

  • Advocated for safer conditions on Crab Island and pushed for a safety corridor which was ultimately implemented in 2016 (2015-2016)

  • Worked with Rep. Matt Gaetz to lobby for a statute change allowing an additional 10% in TDC funds for public safety; identified need for the 10% to not include current expenditures which resulted in "shall not supplant" language being added to the bill (2016)

  • Brought problem of short-term rentals to the forefront 2014; legislation drafted to target parking and green space in 2016; improved registration in 2016; special signage and trash service in 2017; currently addressing occupancy and parking

  • Advocate for improved landscaping and grounds around city, particularly along Main Street and Airport, supported working with Trees Destin and the Main Street Alliance to reach these goals (2016-2022)

  • Developed community beautification project "Dress Up Destin" to paint/wrap utility boxes making them pieces of art (2020-2022)

  • Worked with state lawmakers to lobby for state funds to help pay for stormwater issues in Destin (2016)

  • Vocal opponent of county's considered $52 worker tax (2017)

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