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Prebble Q Ramswell has worked in all levels of government from local to federal, including the Central Intelligence Agency. She currently serves as Councilwoman for the City of Destin in the Florida Panhandle.  


She has published and presented on topics ranging from the loss of American Indian languages to extremist group recruitment strategies to the effects of drug-lord rule in the Brazilian favelas. Ramswell's primary focus is political sociology and security.


Euroscepticism was the focus of her doctoral dissertation in which she coined the phrase Millennial Fascism as a descriptor for the Eurosceptic non-traditional parties emerging during the 21st century. Her first book, Euroscepticism and the Rising Threat from the Left and Right: The Concept of Millennial Fascism, developed from this concept and is available through Lexington Publishing and on Amazon.  Her second book kicked off her series, "Division, Derision, Decisions"  and is titled The Domino Effect of Brexit and Populism's Intersection of Rights and Wrongs. It examines the socio-political domino effect of Brexit and is also available on Amazon and through Nova Publishing.


Ramswell's third book, and the second in the Division series, was released in July 2021. It builds on the ideas in Domino Effect and more deeply examines the rise of the far right and far left, specifically focusing on how that rise has led to an intersection of rights and a decline of American democracy. The book, The Rise of Domestic Terrorism and Decline of American Democracy: How Brexit and the Trump Presidency Influenced Populist Empowerment and the Intersection of Rights, is available on Amazon or through Nova Publishing.


Ramswell earned undergraduate degrees in Political Science, Psychology and Sociology from the University of Houston; a Masters in Liberal Arts from Texas Christian University; and a PhD in Political Science/International Development with a major in Political-Security studies and a minor in Socio-Cultural Studies from the University of Southern Mississippi. She worked in counterterrorism at CIA before moving to Florida and serving two terms as an elected official. She is a professor of political science, government, and security studies and has taught at Florida State University, Bellevue University, and Columbia Southern- where she is Academic Director of Social Sciences.


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