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Dress Up Destin! Community Art Utility Box Project

Art Utility Box Project April 2021 Ramsw
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It’s time to Dress Up Destin! A new project is underway in Destin, one that will unite the entire community as part of a joint beautification effort. The project involves the sponsoring of a utility box and painting it to create beauty from what is often considered an eyesore. I loved the idea after seeing it in action in New Orleans. The project was so successful they ran out of utility boxes and have now expanded to telephone and rail boxes. They also discovered the boxes helped revitalize neighborhoods and painted boxes are no longer “tagged” with graffiti.

Just a Few of the Potential Benefits:

§ Beautification

§ Creating beauty from traditional eyesores

§ Revitalization of neighborhoods

§ Sense of pride in the community

§ Civic engagement

§ Increased community awareness

§ Community and economic development

Partnerships and Fundraising opportunities

§ Sponsorships

§ Donations

§ mini-box auctions

I will be working with the city community development director and local utility companies as we kick off the project and begin looking for box sponsors! Look for additional information in the coming months. I hope to see this project become the first of many cooperative efforts that increase the beauty of our community.

Take a look at the powerpoint for a more detailed look at the project idea.

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