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And That's a Wrap: Farewell Friends and Thank You

As my two terms as a member of the Destin City Council come to a close on November 8th, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for the experience and opportunity to serve as a voice for the people of Destin. When I was elected in 2014, I was perhaps a bit naïve as I thought of all the amazing projects and improvements I might be able to help our community accomplish. Among the many things I have learned is that nothing about elected office is easy and most goals take years to be realized.

It’s amazing to see projects that started as long as a decade or more before I was in office still being discussed and debated; ideas from previous councils reemerging every couple of years just waiting for that “right time.”

I gave this office and the people of Destin my everything. I held nothing back as I vigorously pursued what I wholeheartedly believed was best for the city and reflected what the majority of our citizens wanted. Many votes and decisions we faced were highly contentious and sometimes led to verbal jabs and attacks. I always tried to remember that such negativity was part of the job and I did my best to explain my rationale and provide the research that led to my decisions.

Unfortunately, I also learned that some people who disagreed with my decisions were willing to take things to a level I would have never anticipated reaching in local government. A death threat on my child and other attacks on me and my family were unbelievable shocks we will never forget and events I would not wish on anyone.

I leave this office and my public service to the City of Destin knowing I kept my promises to keep the lines of communication open, listen to the people, and serve as their voice. I have met and worked with many incredible people and am so very proud of the accomplishments made in these last eight years, including:

stormwater improvements after a series of devastating floods; lobbying and obtaining TDC funds for Destin beach accesses and public park maintenance and improvements; creation of the Old Destin Historical Area; and working with the state legislature to establish the Crab Island Safety Corridor and obtain an additional 10% of TDC revenue to be used for public safety.

However, I am most proud of founding and opening Destin’s first high school in August 2021. In 2016, the council believed enough in me and my crazy idea to open a high school that they voted to allow me to start a committee to do just that… and the little committee ultimately became the Founding Board of the Destin High School Sharks. Watching this gift to our community be embraced by all, seeing it grow and thrive, its hallways bustling with students, is a once in a lifetime accomplishment and a dream I am so honored to have seen become a reality.

I thank you for the opportunity to serve you and learn from you. I look forward to seeing the accomplishments this new council and mayor and all those to come.

Prebble Ramswell City Council Member 2014-2022 Mayor Pro Tem 2016-2020

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