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Response to "Crab Island Meddlers"

I have read many insightful comments and heard from many people passionate about the future of Crab Island. However, many comments have been based on erroneous information and the assumption that annexation is already in process. Today's Northwest Florida Daily News contained an opinion piece from Pete Blome discussing the Destin "meddlers" and targeted me in particular. Below, I share my response to him in the hopes of offering some insight and correcting some misinformation.


Mr. Blome:

I want to thank you for taking the time to write and offer your opinion on Crab Island. I can tell you are passionate on the subject and I wanted to share some insight with you. Annexing crab island is not "my plan" nor "my agenda." I did not bring the subject up at council, nor did I make the motion. Another Councilman did. People have erroneously assumed it was my agenda because the paper chose to use some of my quotes from our discussion on the issue. I did second the motion because I agree we need to look into ways to keep people safe and allow better emergency access.

I have received regular complaints asking for us to help, as have other council members and staff. I have stated in multiple forums that I want to hear what the public thinks and wants. Right now, annexation was simply a suggestion on one way we, as a city, might be able to help. That idea was purely exploratory. Nothing has been voted on. Many other ideas are being considered. My goal is gauging public opinion and best serving their interests. That is why I continually seek public input and feedback- so I represent what the public wants and not what I want. The public wanted us to look into it and we are. The public is responding and weighing in. This is what the democratic process is all about. I look forward to the open meeting on Friday when this issue will be discussed in a public forum. I hope you can attend.



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