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Inauguration Day for Ramswell, Foreman, Braden and Mayor Ponder

The City of Destin welcomed its new Council on March 17th with the inauguration of new Councilmembers Prebble Ramswell and Rodney Braden, re-elected Jim Foreman, and new Mayor Mel Ponder.

Braden overcame a few hurdles in his bid for a seat. With only one vote separating him and Tom Weidenhamer, a recount was held on March 14th. Those results yielded a tie, as did a follow-up manual recount. Pursuant to Florida Supervisor of Election rules, the seat would then come down to a game of chance, with Braden and Weidenhamer each selecting a card. Braden came out on top after drawing a Queen to Weidenhamer's five. It was a tough loss for weidenhamer who also faced and lost a recount in 2012 to Cyron Marler.

Before the ceremony, the City bid farewell to Mayor Sam Seevers and Councilmen Jim Bagby and Larry Williges.

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