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Ramswell's Campaign Journey Reaches Successful Conclusion

The 2014 Destin City Council race had a successful ending for candidate Prebble Q Ramswell. Ramswell, one of the new faces in the race and the only woman was the top vote getter in the field of eight.

Unofficial results per the Okaloosa County Supervisor of Elections show Ramswell earning 836 votes, or 19.65 percent of the votes cast, with incumbent Jim Foreman finishing second and gathering 685 votes, or 16.10 percent of the votes.

Only one vote separated third and fourth spots by Rodney Braden and Tom Weidenheimer and a recount is scheduled for Friday, March 14th.

Full results:

Prebble Ramswell - 836 (19.65%)

Jim Foreman - 685 (16.10%)

Rodney Braden - 578 votes (13.58%)

Tom Weidenheimer - 577 (13.56%)

Scott Jacobs - 523 (12.29%)

Larry Hines - 504 (11.84%)

Skip Overdier - 298 (7.005%)

Matthew Pace - 253 (5.947%)

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