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Election Day Has Arrived!

With early voting completed, Election Day has finally arrived. Destin voters have three polling sites this election as four sites merged into two.

Polls open 7a-7p. Bring Photo ID

Pct. 20: Destin Community Center

Pcts. 35 and 44: Destin United Methodist Church

Pcts. 49 and 50: Destin City Hall Annex

Early vote totals as of Friday, March 7th, were 223 votes. Absentee votes were at 496.

The big day is Tuesday, March 11th, offering the 9515 voters in Destin the chance to make a change for Destin with a Vote for Prebble Ramswell!

Just a reminder that voters have the option of voting for up to three candidates. However, it is not required to vote for three. If you only have one or two favorites you can and should select only them, as the race is expected to be close and the difference between earning a seat and losing a seat could be separated by just a few votes.

Here's to a successful 2014 campaign no matter the result!

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