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Want to Vote? Out of Town? Absentee Voter Procedure Info is Here

So you want to vote, but you're out of town or going to be out of town. It's an easy process to request and vote absentee. Here are the instructions, per the Supervisor of Elections:

In order to vote absentee the voter needs to call our office to request an absentee ballot. No reason to vote an absentee ballot is needed in Florida. However, the new law requires non UOCAVA (Uniformed and overseas civilian) voters who want absentee ballots sent to an address other than the address on record must submit the request in writing to our office. They must include their name, DOB, and signature on the request. The request can be mailed, faxed or scanned and attached to an email. Uniformed and overseas civilian voters can call, email or write their request to us.

Ray Bolden

Candidate & Absentee Coordinator

Election Headquarters (Crestview): 850.689.5600

Branch Office (Fort Walton Beach): 850.651.7272

So.. no excuses! Obtain your absentee vote ballot ASAP and vote for Prebble Q Ramswell!

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