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Busy Week on the Campaign Trail

As a candidate for Destin City Council, I have been grateful for the response I have received from business leaders and concerned citizens who have been more than willing to share their insights and concerns.

This past week served as both an eye-opener and fuel for the fire in terms of the significant need for new voices on the Council. The response I have received is overwhelming, and I am even more determined to do all I can to ensure that all of Destin is properly represented.

As a local, I stay on top of City news and activities, but, as a candidate, it has been quite enlightening to delve even deeper into the issues and processes. Many people have embraced my requests and taken the time to explore the issues and related items in depth. I am inherently analytical and I have no desire to only superficially understand a particular issue- I want to know the details and gather a full picture so that I am fully informed and better prepared to offer an educated opinion.

I look forward to the weeks ahead and meeting even more people interested in seeing Destin move forward in a way that represents what the people want.

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