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RRsummer 2021.JPG

Summer 2021


Tourist Development Expansion Talks Lead to City Action, City Improvements, Destin High Open and Ready for Shark Fans, News Impacting You
Spring 2021 RR.JPG

Spring 2021


Destin High School getting ready for opening, park Improvements, Dress Up Destin Community Art Project, News
destinZoning 2021.JPG


New Year, New Council...

Annexation, Short-term Rental Registrations, Wants and Needs vs Taxes, Destin High Ready to Go!


July 2020: One Day at a Time

  • Embayment Opening Debate

  • COVID at City Hall

  • CEMEX Concerns

  • 98 at City Market Woes

  • New Traffic Signal

  • DHS a "Go" for 2021

December 2019: Good Tidings We Bring

  • Occupancy Limits

  • Airport Rd Curve

  • Dredge Information

  • Destin High School accepting applications

July 2019: It's About Community

  • A Home for Destin High School

  • High School Contest

  • The Connector is not Dead

  • Traffic, Traffic...

Spring 2019: Mission Possible- Quality of Life in Destin

  • Commons Fee Presented as Destin Tax

  • Planning for the Future

  • Ordinances for Quality of Life

  • Project Updates

January/February 2019: Meeting and Exceeding Expectations

  • Short-term rental occupance decisions;

  • Destin High School- one step closer to reality;

  • Efficiency changes at City Hall 

December 2018

Happy Holidays!

Oct/Nov 2018: Blessed

-Hurricane Michael
-Crosstown Connector
-Airport Rd
-Changing for the Better

July 2018: Hot and Bothered- A City at the Boiling Point

-Heritage Park: Concerns and more concerns

-Beach Access

-City Manager Departure

May 2018: Never Say Never

-Reelection Bid: Successful! Thank you!

-Norriego Point Progress

-Old Pier-New Pier?

-News and Updates

March 2018: When They Go Low, You Go High

Election Issue:

Where and When, The Ugliness and the Reality, The Issues


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