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Negative Ads- A New Low?

I’ve said this before and will say it again. Aren’t we better than this? Today my mailbox is full of hateful misinformation being sent by various PACs against candidates- including ones with photos of pigs and talking about the candidates eating out of troughs. Just because a registered Democrat or NPA donates to a Republican candidate’s campaign does not mean the candidate is closeted Democrats or Liberals. It means the donor thinks that candidate is the best person for that office. Similarly, just because a candidate hasn't donated to Trump’s campaign doesn’t mean that that the candidate supports the Democrats. Neither does it make him/her liberal. That’s faulty logic and a blatant attempt to mislead the citizens. Not everyone donates money to every campaign they support.

I remember being called a “reckless liberal” my last election because I was part of the unanimous city council vote to fractionally increase our millage rate for infrastructure needs. These PACs love to try and make citizens believe false and usually totally misleading information by putting it on a slick, professional-looking, expensive card and mailing it to your home. If it's on a nice-looking card or on tv it must be true, right? That's what they are hoping you believe.

You’d think these tired, overused ad tactics employed by the marketing companies hired by the PACs would get old and people would see through them. Same layouts, same fonts, same slogans. Let the PACs know you aren’t falling for their BS. Don't let the distorted facts presented by the PACs mislead you in their attempt to gain votes dishonorably. Vote for candidates running clean races and focusing on the issues.

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